Set your study goals. Set your stakes. Pay others when you fail. Get paid when you make it.

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Set your goal

How much time do you want to study per week with our supported study apps? Casually 1h/week or go all in with up to 5h/week.

Set your stakes

Back up your goal by pledging a variable amount of real money. Take it easy by setting $5 per hour missed. Or set up to $50 for a real thrill.

Pay others when you fail

After each week all participants who missed their commitment, pay the amount pledged into the StudyPact pot.

Get paid when you make it

All participants who succeeded will receive their fair share based on the time they studied and the amount they pledged.

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Make studying more fun with StudyPact!

Currently StudyPact works with study apps on Android. Find out more about which apps we are supporting or request your favorite study app and we will make it work with StudyPact…

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  • Thank you for starting this awesome business! I have been looking forward to this since I heard about gympact.

    Ryan- Email
  • That is a GREAT idea. I've not touched my flashcards in a coupla years, but I think this may have inspired me back in the day. Good luck :D

    cheapshot- Reddit
  • I am finally meeting my weekly study goals after trying countless other methods so thank you very very much.


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